Saturday, June 6, 2015


I woke up bright an early to go running. Too bad Ella woke up an hour earlier so I didn't get much sleep. Marie and I met at 6:30 and ran 10 miles.

Ella was having a ball with Dave when I got home.  I showered and we headed to a social. Well Ella and I went. Ella is a handful and I was fatigued from not eating and running all that way.

I got Five Guys on the way home. We ate some lunch and Ella went to sleep.   She napped about 3 hours.

We hung out and had a fun evening at home. Ella cuddled up next to me showing me how she knows how to play games on her iPad.  We played.

Ella was standing on the seat of her picnic table and I asked her if she wanted help onto the couch. She immediately stood up on the top of the table and flipped over the couch. Then Dave told her that was OK to do that so she did it over and over and over again. She only messed up twice and those 2 times happened to be 2 of the 4 times I was taking video.

She went into bed around 8:30 but took until 9:05 to fall asleep.  I thought she was asleep at 8:31 but then she was standing and cried a little then was sitting. Then she lied there and I could see the whites of her eyes for a good while. I like watching on the monitor.

I painted more t-shirts. I fit in painting throughout the day. I painted and ate after Ella went to sleep.  We watched TV too but I didn't really bay attention. Using my standing desk is so tiring for me after so much standing the last few days.

Ella only nursed 3 times all day including at 4 am!!!!

At the meetup, another mom took some awesome pics. A few are below.
Ella's stroller was the hit of the gathering.


  1. That first picture is really good of you two.

    1. Thanks. It was taken by my request. I saw the integer mom with the fancy camera and made it a point to get one. :)