Sunday, June 7, 2015


We went to Trader Joe's in the morning. Since it wasn't that crowded we let Ella push a cart. That was a big mistake. She wanted at everything. The aisles with lower shelves were a bad idea. She tried to touch and knock over everything on the shelves. She tried to run around. She'd leave her cart and run. She'd also push her cart almost into people. She loved it though.  Then at Sprouts, she rode in a cart.

Ella napped almost as soon as she got home. I gave Dave a haircut and we at falafels.  After Ella woke up I gave her fruit and pita with hummus.

We went to Costco. We haven't been in so long. We spent over $200!

Ella not only climbs up on her high chair now but if it's back enough she stands at it and steals stuff off my desk!

I went and got Panda Express for dinner. Then I got a smoothie at Jamba Juice.

Dave saw Ella spinning in circles. She has done it before but that's the first he saw her.


  1. I cut Tanner's hair, too. We always spend a ton at Costco.

    1. I feel like it's pretty easy to cut hair. But I have messed up a few times. I've been cutting his hair since 2003.

      Costco tricks us. Their carts are huge so thr stuff looks smaller.