Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Ella was up in the middle of the night again. Then she was up at 6:30. I got her to fall back to sleep and I dozed off in the chair for about 45 more minutes.

I wanted to go do errands and things in the morning but that never happened.  Ella started  yawning before 10 AM. She even tricked me with all her nap signs and ended up getting a nursing session but did not nap.  We played a bit. We did a google hangout with my mom. I did some dishes. I cleaned up.

I finally got her to nap near 1 and I fell asleep too. I woke up 45 minutes later and that woke her up. I ended up going back to sleep and so did she.   She woke up a few times but I let her nurse a bit and go back to sleep. So she napped close to 3 hours and I napped about 1.5.

Ella really cries a lot after naps because she wants to nurse. I'm trying to wean her so I don't let her. She woke up after that 3 hours with a dry diaper so I tried to get her to sit on her potty. She cried a lot wanting to nurse. So while she sat there I let her nurse a bit and then she did pee in the potty. Sigh. I got her to go at least.

She barely snacked.  Then we went to the park. She wasn't her normal self at first and just stood around not moving or walking and just observing. But then she got to her old self by the end. There were 3 other kids there and we knew 2 of them and the 3rd was maybe 5.  It was amazing how fast an hour can go.

We ordered pizza for dinner.  By the time we were done eating it was 8 PM. Ella played for 20 minutes and then we did bedtime routine.

Dave fell asleep so I didn't get to watch our TV shows.


  1. That collage of her facial expressions- the lower left one is hilarious. I love that kissy face.

    1. I feel like she has rarely done that missy face and that migt be my only picture ever. I wish I could just get pictures of Ella nonstop so I don't miss anything.