Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:20. That should have been plenty of time to get to run by 9 but I was almost late. Then when I was a few blocks away, I realized I forgot my Garmin. I circled back and ran in and got it.  Then further away I realized my phone was plugged in charging!
We started running by 9:10. It was much colder than we thought so then Clara complained. Her coat was in the car.  We went back and took a break in the grass.  Then we ran again. All in all we did 9 miles. I pushed a double jogger most of the time. Ella fell asleep and slept the last 40 minutes of the run.

We killed time and put things away so by the time I moved Ella she had napped an hour. She woke up of course. She did fall back to sleep but when I stopped to buy gas, she woke up.  I got gas for 2.99. Across the street it was 3.59.  I needed gas because the warning said I had 7 miles until E but it jumps down rather quickly and I didn't want to run out.

Then Ella was tired but wouldn't nap. She was clingy. It was an all around rough time. She just wanted to be hugged and held.

Gio and Lily came over for a bit. They ended up staying 45 minutes.

I took Ella to a new park for a meetup. It hasn't even been opened a week.  Ella almost fell asleep on the way.
I parked in the wrong parking lot and had a long walk with her. Ella had fun at the park. She didn't want to be contained in the tot area though. She liked the bigger kid stuff. Too bad it was so busy.

We stayed there 1.5 hours then we went and picked Dave up. Well she fell asleep before we picked him up.  Since she was asleep we decided to get In N Out. I sat in the car at home until she woke up.

Then we tried to feed her dinner. She didn't want that. So we tried bedtime routine.  That didn't work. So we tried to play and stuff.  Then bedtime again. That didn't work after awhile.  So then we let her snack. Finally it was bedtime routine again and she actually went to sleep but it was 10 PM.

 Ella rides the horsey. Not that good but it's the only video I took.


  1. That park seems really cool.

    1. It's extra special because everything is wheelchair accessible in the park