Monday, June 15, 2015


on the potty with what I call her modesty blanket
Ella slept until 7:20 and it was glorious.  I did not nurse her in the morning. Dave explained to her how big girls drink milk out of a cup. She was not happy. I needed her to not nurse because I was still recovering from her biting me (a few time) and making me bleed.

We went running at 9. We stopped at Diana's and Ella got out of her stroller while we talked. Ella had fun carrying a sand bucket and a watering can around.  We also got a little kid pool for Ella to use!

Ella napped around 1. I got her to nap in her crib and that sure was nice.

Finally I was about to eat lunch and I said via google+ hangouts to a friend that Ella better sleep long enough for me to eat and Ella woke up a minute later.   Ella shared my bread and then started dipping it in my soup. I was shocked she ate the broccoli cheddar soup. Then she started using my spoon to feed herself soup. She would not let me feed her. She did spill some but she was surprisingly well.

Lily visited with Gio as I was finishing up eating.  While they were still over, Marie showed up with Clara. I was watching Clara for 3 hours while she had a work meeting.  It was tiring but we had fun.  We did lose a sippy cup of milk and I spent forever looking for it. I even looked in drawers and in the shower. Then finally I found it under a toy in the living room.   They had fun playing outside and eating. Ella even used her potty with Clara over.  Clara got tired around 7 so she was really clingy. At least Dave got home around then. I hid in the bedroom to try to get her to sleep but that wasn't working. So then I got the double jogger out and took them both for a walk. I thought Clara might fall asleep but she did not.  At least she was pleasant on the walk.  We had a little bit more of her dinner in the 10 minutes I had to kill before Marie showed up.   I took so many pictures. I told Marie she could almost see our play by play of the entire evening.  I would love it if someone watched Ella and they had pictures of her time without me!

Ella really likes feeding people. She holds up their cups for them to drink from them. She was allotted 1 animal cracker when her friends were over and she would rather feed hers to someone else than eat it herself.

Dave commented on how messy the living room was. I asked what he expected with multiple babies around.  Every time kids are over the toys are everywhere. It doesn't help that there are more toys than storage so they are not super neat with their own spot but over flowing out of baskets.

I ended up going through pictures on my computer until about 11:30 PM.


  1. Ella is such a good friend for always sharing. Is she still nursing pretty often or did you wean her?

    1. I like to think I'm down to 3 times a day consistently but it's really more. If she wakes up in the night that's another one. Lately she gets bonus nursing because she won't nap and I REALLY want her to nap. But even if it's 5 that's still less than 8-11 than it was at the beginning of April.