Sunday, June 21, 2015


I ran with Marie in the morning so Dave was with Ella in the morning. When I'm gone he won't tell me when she wakes up or how much she drinks or how often he changed her diaper. He said that's my punishment for leaving.

We ran pretty long because we ran 11 miles and we ran it slow.

I got home to Dave and Ella outside.  Ella didn't have pants on and had on 2 left shoes. Dave didn't even notice they were left shoes until I pointed it out. He said no wonder Ella wanted to take the incorrect shoe off right after he put it on. She really wanted to go outside and she brought him shoes so that's why they weren't even matching.  She was still in her pajama top too.

After I got home Dave made breakfast.  Ella loved the eggs. She even liked eggs on toast that I was eating. She of course liked the hash browns too but not as much.

We played a bit and then I asked Ella if she wanted to go see Lily. Well she did so we immediately left. We met Gio on their walk then headed to a little park we hadn't been to. Ella was getting tired so we headed home and quickly tried to eat.

Ella napped about 3 hours.

We went to some Italian restaurant in Redwood City and then to Toys R Us after. Dave said Ella needed new bigger kid toys. She got a mini tool bench and a basketball hoop.