Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:15 after only a little over 9 hours of sleep.  I've realized recently it was closer to 9 hours.  She did wake up to a dry diaper though. This has only happened a few times.

We did our Monday morning run and there were only 2 of us and we ran faster than normal. We also ran south on the trail so we had more overpasses. Ella fell asleep on the run. So then we walked afterwards. Then I was going to walk more but stopped at the car and she woke up.
She kept eyeing up the park so we went to it instead of just going home. She had a lot of fun. She liked going down the double slide right next to me.  At first though she just kind of sat there in the sand trying to wake herself up. She was still in tired mode.

Then the day of misery started. Her nap wasn't long enough but she wouldn't sleep more.  I tried. I put her in her crib awake too. It didn't work.

Ella got her new step stool. We got it for the potty but she didn't really like trying to use it for that but she loves to wash her hands.  She has a lot more trouble getting her left hand to reach the water than she does her right hand. I might need to extend the faucet with those pinterest hacks people post about by using an empty bottle and attaching it on.

Ella found her little doll potty chair that the neighbor gave us. She likes it.  She started holding the doll on the potty while she's on the potty.

Ella found a small container that you are supposed to use for milk when you pump.  She kept wanting to drink out of it. I gave her some water. She kept dumping all of the water. She'd drink some and the rest would go down her shirt. She kept wanting more though. She loved that it was like a real cup. She refused to drink out of her other trainer cups then.

My new Focus T25 workout videos arrived. Even though I ran a hard 4 miles I decided I couldn't wait and went to give the first one a try. Ella was very clingy so I had to hold her for 2 min of it. Then later again for 2 more minutes.  We also stopped because she signed to use the potty and she actually did go but it took a few minutes. The squats were a lot harder with her than they should have been. I only made it 15 minutes through the workout before I stopped it and tried to get Ella to nap.  (I only got through 15 minutes of the 25 minutes and I was still sore the next day.)

She fell asleep at 5:15 PM. She would only sleep on me though. It was so awful that I just let her stay on me.  Dave asked if he could go to dinner with coworkers and people from India. Since she was napping I said OK.

Then once she woke up, I regretted that decision. Ella wouldn't eat the first 2 dinners I gave her.  Then she ate mac and cheese.  I gave her a bath right after.  She was actually pleasant in the tub so I let her play a little longer.

When Dave got home, she was so pleasant.

She went to sleep at 8:45.

Dave didn't have enough dinner at dinner so he made a frozen pizza. We shared that and then we snacked after.

I spent a little time cleaning up to prepare for toddler company but I did not spend enough time.

Then Dave and I watched Game of Thrones and then 2 episodes of John Oliver. Dave and I both fell asleep on the couch but we both fell asleep after the 2nd episode of John Oliver. I'm not sure how that happened but I guess we didn't want to get up to go into bed. Poly eventually woke me up and then I woke him up and we went into bed after 11.

I included some videos I took but didn't actually look at them to see if they are decent or stupid.


  1. This is the faucet extender we have and I love it.

    1. Now we just have a cut up bottle in ours to extend it.