Saturday, June 27, 2015


In the morning Ella stole my phone. I didn't notice. She went in to visit Dave while he was brushing his teeth. He asked her to spin. She fell and my phone screen got cracked. Dave saw she had my phone but he assumed I knew and let her have it.

We went and dropped off the forms we had to fill out for Ella's preschool.

Ella fell asleep in the car and I had a successful crib transfer. I held her for a long time before putting her in the crib and I held her upright for awhile at first.

We went to Safeway after nap.

I made spaghetti and meatballs with cheesy garlic bread. I told Dave it'd be ready at 6:30 because I was too sick of postponing dinner for him.  I did make it ready at 6:34 so I was close and I had to deal with Ella.   He got in after 6:40.

Ella stole my entire loaf of bread at one point.  I saw the bag on the floor then found her running into the bedroom trying to take bites through the crust.  (see pictures below) I cut some and gave it to her. I gave her slice at first and she liked it. The second slice she more made a mess. She stole the end piece and loved that. She kept digging out the bread part and eating that and leaving the crust. I more liked her to have that since it was a slower process. Giving her bread helped her bug me less.  Then later I cut the bread and was ready to butter it and she just swiped a slice.  She made a mess and didn't bug me as bad as normal but still bugged me a lot. When I got out the cheese she wanted some bad so I gave her some and she made a huge mess on the floor.

When Dave was done eating he took Ella outside to play. She was done eating too. I got to finish eating. It was crazy. When I went out to say hi to them Dave was shocked I was still eating and he thought I'd be cleaned up by that point. So then I felt bad and also cleaned up.

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