Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015 Exercise

I ran 100.71 miles in June! (As a reminder my goal is 38 miles each month with a reach goal of 42 miles.)
I don't feel like my total is fake like I did last month or the month before. I guess it is setting in that I'm rocking it.  I ran 6 days in a row at the end of the month. I don' think I've ever run 6 days in a row.

In the middle of the month, I just wasn't feeling it and was cutting runs short and not motivated to do extra runs. I felt like I was in a rut. I'm not sure how I bounced back out of it but the last week of the month I just kept wanting to do more.

I think I only did 1 Focus T25 video this month. I participated in a 7 day plank challenge and then I ran one. I didn't just do 14 days of planking because I had to record the videos for the challenge I ran so I had a few extra days in there of planking, too.  At the end of the month, I started working on a 7 day push-up challenge so I was completing that myself to make sure it's doable before I have some participants do it.

I was amazed that 17 people wanted to join me in the plank challenge. Maybe 10 of those were active. I loved it. It was so motivating. It was even more motivating when some people participated that I don't see all the time. I figure the people I see all the time I might have guilted them into doing it.

I already have 397.59 miles for the year.

This month, I also managed to get some running pictures. I still have to make a new blog banner but at least I have some pictures to be able to do it.
Here's my current progress on my miles for the year.  Just looking at this makes me happy.  Maybe I should track push-ups and then I'd actually do them. I have been wanting to do decline push-ups like I used to but never even do them to build back up.

I pulled some data together recently. Since 2009 (except November and December 2010) I have my totals for how much I ran each month. I've only  had over 100 miles 2 other times. My top three, excluding this month, were 106.43, 104.4, and 96.45 from March 2012, October 2011, and February 2011, respectively. Interestingly enough last month was my old 4th highest mileage month with 91.66.