Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015 Exercise

I ran 91.66 miles in May!
My total miles seems fake. It's just hard to believe for me. I thought last month it seemed fake but this is worse! (worse as in even more miles!!!!)

I'm so impressed with this mileage. I want to run even more. My body didn't get sore this month like it did last month. I also incorporated workout DVDs this month! I don't do the videos as much as they say because of all the running but I have done it some.

I did Focus T25 videos 8 times this month. I did exercise bands 1 time but don't think I did weights at all. (My documentation is lacking the first half the month.) I went on a few shorter walks. I chased Ella around a lot. I chased multiple kids around a lot.

I already have 296.88 miles for the year.

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