Thursday, July 16, 2015

4.5 - Easter

Ella had not 1 but 2 Easter baskets this year. She got the 2nd one from her grandparents. It was fancier and a personalized basket.  Ella enjoyed going through the basket and wanted chocolate. Then she carried the basket around.  She enjoyed the chocolate when Dave gave her a little. She made a mess with the confetti. She got Legos as a gift too. I tried to build what was on the package but she didn't want me to complete it. It was tough business. She kept stealing it.

Later I did an Easter Egg hunt outside with Ella. Dave was busy watching some video game tournament and I got annoyed so we did it without him. But Ella had so much fun and he came out so we sneakily hid more eggs that she already found.  At first I thought she just liked easy ones but she liked ones that she had to climb or do extra stuff to get.

I took Ella for a walk and we went to an open house in the neighborhood. That house was so weird. The additions didn't really make any sense. You had to go through one bedroom to get to another bedroom and then through that bedroom to get to yet another one. They all couldn't officially count as bedrooms but that's what they were like. It was so weird. The kitchen was super weird too.

Ella had soup and had trouble eating it so she drank it. I gave her more broth 5 times.

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