Friday, July 3, 2015


Ella was up at 2:30. She was only up for 10 minutes. I nursed her quickly and it was back to bed. Then my alarm went off near 6:30 and I was so confused and turning on the radio and everything.  I was about to wake Ella up and she woke up so I felt so much better.   We left at 7:15 to go run.

We met near 7:30 and then ran 7 miles. Both kids were in the double and we alternated miles pushing the stroller.  We averaged 9:06 pace!

We got back and Beth got ready for work. Ella cried a lot because she wanted the stroller Gio was pushing even though hers was about the same.

Then I went running in my neighborhood. Divya joined us. We ran with Kathryn and Diana.

Divya hung out here for a bit after the run.  I made her a Shakeology and she loved it.

Then Ella wanted to nap but wouldn't and it was a rough couple hours.

Ella napped 3.5 hours.  We hung out a bit and she snacked.  We had vegetables. I taught Ella about blowing on her food to cool it off. She was so cute doing it.  I also taught her about jabbing her steamed carrots with a fork. She got fed up a lot and used her hand.

After forever Dave got home with In N Out. Ella complained a lot. Probably because she ate all the vegetables. I told Dave to leave to get home so I didn't have to feed Ella first but that of course didn't happen because he never leaves and then he waited in the longest line ever.

After her bath and nursing she practically fell asleep right away.
I finished watching Boardwalk Empires. I fell asleep so just had 15 min to watch.
(Pics out of order. Well sort of in order then start over and in order again.)

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