Friday, July 3, 2015


Ella woke up at 5 AM. I was so tired. She would not go back to sleep. I tried to put her back in her crib but after some crying I went back in.  After some playing in her room, I brought her to bed. We woke Dave up a little but we read and hung out and I let her play with an iPad while I tried to fall asleep. I never did fall back to sleep though.

At 8:45, I got to Marie's.  She was going to watch Ella for a couple hours while I organized the craft room. I watched Clara a week earlier. We figured we'd do some rotating and then we can both have free time.  I was pretty productive but did not finish. I did not want to get to Ella too late and have her in freak out mode. I also wanted to pick up Ella before Clara was going to nap.

Marie took both kids on a walk for an hour. I can't believe she walked that long. She wore one girl while she pushed the other in a stroller and then she swapped.  Then they planned in a tunnel and a tent for a long time. Marie said they had so much fun and that there was lots of giggling. Too bad I missed that! Marie took some pictures and you could tell they were having fun. I wish I was having fun instead of cleaning.

I got there and they were eating lunch. We talked a bit and Marie even made me lunch too. Ella really loved the spinach quesadilla.

We ended up staying almost an hour!  Then on the way home Ella fell asleep. Well she was asleep a couple seconds. I tried to keep her away.  Then she was awake and I got her out of the car and she fell asleep on me walking inside. But she didn't survive staying asleep the entire way until her room. Opening the door woke her up but I nursed her and she was quickly back to sleep.  She slept in her crib about 2 and a half hours. I cleaned during that time. After I made some progress I just wanted even more clean.

I sent pictures of my cleaning progress to Dave and he said it was like we were moving it was so clean. It wasn't even that clean but he was just used to the mess. It's crazy how it only took 2 hours without Ella to make progress on the craft room (reading room) when with Ella I spend 2 hours and get nothing done.  It was so nice to be able to run 2 bins of clothes to the shed and some stuff to the garage. It was super nice to be able to zip around the house putting stuff away without Ella freaking out that I was ditching her.

We went to Tia Juana for dinner. Ella has been a lot better at restaurants lately.  Then we went to Frye's Electronics just for fun and to walk around the huge store. On our way out we got another house key made. I thought of getting 2 then at the end it asked if we wanted to add a 2nd for even cheaper so we did. Ella was holding the second one. She even carried it in the house. She tried to unlock the door to get in too. Too bad I don't know what happened to it after that.