Monday, July 6, 2015


We ran at our normal Monday run. This time there were actually 5 moms. It was nice to have a larger group again. After we ran 4 miles 2 moms did band exercises to get more exercise.  Ella was playing. All the kids were playing. Ella and Clara did some squats too.  Then Ella was playing up high and got so excited to take off her jacket and then fell down the steps. She went down 2 steps and hit her head. She did get a bruise on her forehead. She cried and I ran up there with her. Then she was scared to get down any of the ways. She went through a tunnel to get to the landing. Luckily Marie came over and I could hand her off. Then she was good to go!   She had fun again after. It was probably the longest we ever stuck around. The kids were so good.

Ella didn't have a fun time at lunch. Then I let her dip pretzel crisps in pub cheese. Well she mainly kept licking off the cheese and re-dipping so I just let her hold the container. She ate a ton of cheese.
Ella napped almost 3 hours. I did a workout video and showered during nap. (That's 3 workouts for me in 1 day.) After nap Ella did not cry to nurse! (I thought this was the start of something new but it wasn't!)

Ella has a blast talking to herself in a mirror.

I took some videos of me while working out and made a collage of them. I did it because a friend did it a few times. I might look a little better if I did these videos more to learn the moves.   Well then I made one using a video of Ella doing some squats.

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