Wednesday, July 8, 2015


short pants
In the morning I took out recycling while holding Ella because Dave didn't take it out at night and because Ella didn't want me to leave her.  Everything is always so difficult and I always get the difficult end of anything that goes on.

I had a stampin' up class. There were 3 people + me. There were also 3 babies. The babies were not very good. It was challenging.

After class, Clara and Ella played outside.  They loved playing in the play house.  Ella ended up having her train out there and then she throw it out the window of the house, go and get it, and repeat.
Then, I made lunch and Marie kept an eye on Clara and Ella. It was nice to not have a screaming baby at my legs.  I made grilled cheese and grilled turkey and cheese. I kind of put too much turkey but it was still good.

Marie and I were going to lift weights but it just never happened since the kids weren't cooperative. Well Marie did get to lift some while I cleaned up from the Stampin' Up party.

I put on my workout clothes in the morning but never got a workout in.  Ella went down for a nap and I almost worked out but did a few things first and then she woke up. It was such a short nap. She was miserable! I couldn't get her back to sleep.

I took her 17 month photos. She wasn't too happy since she was so tired.  We took stats.  Then we got on a hangout with my mom. Ella was happier then.

In the evening we were watching the Bachelorette and Ella got behind the gate and turned off the power on the power strip. We were watching TV and didn't even notice. Well I was at the dining room table and Dave was on the couch. Ella is a sneaky bugger. She said "uh oh" and pointed to what she touched. I turned it back on and she turned it back off.  We need to actually make the gate block instead of just sitting there I guess.

We had a very bad bedtime night with Ella.  She was in her crib crying and shaking her head. I went in and she threw her night light under the dresser and her ipod (music thing) on the ground.  I got her out and then we tried to reattempt the crib. It failed.  Then we all hung out in the master bedroom. She cried a lot but was a little calmer when Dave sang to her.  Then after maybe 15 minutes, I see her trying to get off her PJs and I help her. She took them off and sat in front of the fan and then got super happy.  We let her cool off. Then she just wanted to cuddle with Dave.   After a bit, we reattempted bed and she went to sleep shortly after being in her crib. She did have a bonus pillow in her crib. It was Daddy's pillow and she wanted it.  It was well after 10 before she was asleep though.  It was too late for me to get my workout in. So I had my workout clothes on all day and it never happened.


  1. Sneaky Ella with the power bar. It's amazing what they find when you aren't looking.

    1. Today I was out of the room for 2 seconds and Clara climbed up and dumped out the cat food! Kids are crazy with what they can do it such a short time.