Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Ella woke up at 6. We were both so tired. I got her back to sleep but of course she was asleep on me and we had to get ready to go.  We had to be ready to leave by 8. We were slightly late getting ready but Marie was slightly late so it worked out.

Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought so we were actually early.  We parked and ran down Stanford Ave. Then we ran/walked the Stanford Dish Trail and ran back to the car.  We mainly walked the trail. I could still feel it in my butt and calves. It's hard work with hills and a stroller.
I tried to take some selfies and get the other people in the pictures too.

We came home then left to finally go pick up 2 snack cups and 2 sippy cups up that I was buying from another mom. This trip took longer because we went to the Dollar Tree and then Jack in the Box drive thru on the way home.

Ella enjoyed eating the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with a fork. But before that I gave her a plate and she used her fork to eat all the ketchup she had first. She even went for the rice over french fries. She didn't like the broccoli though.   We played a little after.

Then it was nap time and she went right to sleep!   She napped almost 3 hours. During her nap I wasn't productive how I wanted to be. I showered then tried on the new clothes I ordered that arrived in the mail.  Then I tried to match the skirt with shirts and took pictures of everything.  It took forever and she woke up before I was even done!

After some hanging out and being clingy, I decided we'd go to Target.  Gio came over to get a DVD from me and offered to take Ella with her. So she did and I got to shop for almost a half hour at Target without Ella. It was nice.

I picked her up and we went and picked Dave up. We got Jersey Mike's for dinner and went to Sprouts.  We ate at home. Almost immediately after dinner it was bedtime for Ella.  As soon as I got her in the bed, I started working on Ella's 17 month post.  Picasa was so annoying and the collages were taking forever. It took me about 2 hours just to finish the pictures. I was so tired.

trying to match what I already own... big fail


  1. That teriyaki bowl looks so good. Yay for time alone at Target.

    1. It was excellent for a fast food place.

      Yup. it was more like "yay yay yay" haha