Friday, July 10, 2015


Ella was up at 5:45. I really wish I had a kid that slept in. Lily goes to sleep near the same time as Ella but wakes up closer to 8 daily. That would be glorious.

We were nice to Dave and let him sleep until 8 AM. I wish I had that luxury some day!  I am so not a morning person.

I made Ella some chocolate milk and she barely drank it. Later I showed it to Dave and he added a ton of chocolate. Apparently I didn't put enough.  Then Ella drank it.

Ella did an excellent job feeding herself all of her oatmeal. This is the first time I didn't just give her a spoon with a bite on it at a time.  I waited long enough so it was cool enough and put it in a new bowl.  She also blew on it. She's so cute when she blows on things.

Ella started her nap at 10:15 AM!!!! She napped for almost 3 hours.

I was glad Ella napped early since we had a picnic to go to that started at 2 PM. Some days she starts her nap near 2 and that wouldn't have worked out.

I took fruit skewers. I love how they turned out and love the idea of them.

Dave refused to go so Ella and I went. We stayed about 4 hours. Ella was on the go the entire time. There was a bounce house, water table, car to ride in, tricycle to ride in, and other motor car to ride on. Ella had a blast.

On the way home Ella almost fell asleep. I thought she'd go to sleep early. I started bedtime routine 40 mintues early, at 7:20.  Well that failed.  Then she was up late playing and we didn't start bedtime routine until 9 pm.

Dave and I watched a bunch of Halt and Catch Fire after she went to sleep.


  1. What a fun little picnic! Maybe Ella will start to wake up later as she gets older. That's how Parker was.

  2. Right now 3 out of 4 days she wakes up right at 7.