Saturday, July 11, 2015


Ella was very particular about what she wore. She wanted to wear a romper but it was chilly so I put on some leg warmers too. They didn't really match.

When we were leaving to take Dave to work, Ella saw the bag of bottles and decided to take it outside.  She even walked it down the porch and into the garage. I can't believe how smart she is. I didn't even think she ever saw me put the bags of bottles in the garage.

We went running with the neighbors.  We talked at Diana's house so I let Ella out. She had a blast. She got to pet the dog, Ruby. She also got to hold the leash and take Ruby for a walk in the driveway.  When we got home I showed Kathryn, the stroller I bought with a missing strap for the buckle. Ella climbed in the strollers then she pulled out her tricycle.  Then after that she tried to move things to get to her wagon.

After we got in the house, Ella found her polka dot dress. She tried to put it on over her romper.  So I helped her change. She got so happy to wear the dress.

Ella is getting so good at putting her leg up on the crib. I guess we have to lower it again.

Ella likes to put underwear on her head like a hat!

At 5:20, I asked Ella if she wanted to go to the grocery store. Well she grabbed her metal shopping cart and took it to the door. Then I was too slow opening the door so she was pushing the cart into it. She wouldn't leave it inside so she walked it down the walk. I thought maybe I'd put it in the car and she'd forget about it and we'd be fine at the store.  That didn't go so well. She had to hold the cart in the car. At least once we got to Safeway she was better.  I bought most things on my list and Ella got compliments for being cute.

I cooked chicken and we played outside.

After dinner, Ella gets down and pulls out the swiffer mop. I guess I mop so much that she knows after meals you sweep and mop.

Ella failed at going to sleep at the appropriate time.  She was in the crib and we got her out.  Then she hung out beside Dave at his computer.  She didn't go to sleep until 9:30.


  1. Love that first picture of you two on the floor. And her taking out the bottles. So cute!