Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5.31 Potty Training

We started potty training with the 3 day potty training method right after breakfast (Lora Jensen's version). So it was a busy day of constantly watching Ella. That's very draining. She had a lot of accidents (which is what the book says will happen).

The book says to eat breakfast in a diaper and t-shirt and then do the throwing away diapers ritual after that. That is what we did. Dave greeted Ella in her crib and got her to drink a sippy cup so that was the third day in a row she didn't nurse.

She napped early. She napped short. She woke up dry but then had an accident moments later.

I think based on my app there were 26 diaper changes all day. There were 2 actual diaper changes and the rest were on the potty or accidents. It was a very very very tiring day.

I started the potty training on a Sunday so that Dave could be around on Day 1 but also so we'd have Sunday to go places. Well Dave never wanted to leave the house Saturday so we didn't go anywhere. Then he spent Sunday finally trying to code for my website. I have been begging him for about 2 years for this but potty training day should not have been the first day.


  1. I remember that first day with Parker. So nerve wracking.

    1. It is still nerve wracking. Does it ever go away? It probably will when she stops having accidents when she's playing with friends and when she is willing to use a public restroom.

    2. Yes it does go away eventually. I don't worry about Parker having accidents at all anymore.