Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6.2 Day 3

Day 3 overall was better than Day 2 but there is no way Day 3 is the final day of potty training like the book says.

Ella woke up in the night and then ended up peeing while she stood at her crib. That's pretty good. Too bad I didn't get there sooner.

When she woke up in the morning she wanted to nurse before going to the potty. I let her but feared she'd pee on me. She did not.  She did go on the potty but then had 3 accidents too all within a half hour.

At 9:30 she peed while looking out the front door. It was a big accident. Then she didn't go again until after nap.   She wouldn't go on the potty just after waking up then had an accident a little later. I sat her on the potty and then she went more.

She pooped in the tub for the first time.

During dinner she signed to use the potty and I rushed her to the bathroom and she went.  That was the highlight of the day.

She was in her crib trying to go to sleep and then got up and started crying. Then Dave was looking at the monitor (since I gave it to him) and said she was signing to go potty. I got in there and she didn't want to go and just wanted to play. A few minutes later she had an accident on the middle of the floor.

Overall there were 16 bathroom happenings and only 2 she went in the potty. She had a couple close calls. Some of the accidents were just damp panties.  I'm not sure how I can think overall this is better since it's still an insane amount but just from being with her all day this is what happens.

So before we used to ask her if she had to go and she'd sign back to us.  But based on Lora Jensen's book, you are supposed to just tell them to tell you when they have to go. I think this was such a change that she has issues with it now. I'm not sure.

There were numerous times of signing for potty and then she doesn't go. But she thinks she sits down and then 1 second later she looks if there is pee or poop and then hops off when there isn't.

We didn't leave the house so that makes for a very long day.  We did play out back and she didn't have any accidents out there.   Dave brought home In n Out because having your eyes glued to your kid makes it hard to do anything. I was loading the dishwasher at one point and that's when she had one of the accidents.  It's like she sees when I'm not watching and does it or goes and hides and does it.

I'm not hopeful about the succeeding but I do not want to start over!  (I STILL have the same thoughts 2 months later)


  1. Has she gotten any better accident wise? That does seem like a lot.

    1. Besides peeing in her pullup while sleeping yesterday she only peed one time not in the potty and that was in the high chair (and she was screaming at us but I was trying to cook. I didn't realize the screaming was to go to the potty. i thought it was just being needy. she never did sign to go that time) She has had good days but this weekend after staying at a birthday party too long it was an awful rest of the day.