Sunday, July 5, 2015

Half Marathon Training Week 11

So according to plans I could
  • lift twice, 5 mi, 3 mi, 5 mi, 60 min cross, 10 mi 
  • lift twice, 5 mi, 3 mi, 10 x 400 5k pace, 3 mi pace, 12 mi 
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 5 mi pace, cross, and 12 mi 
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 6 mi (tempo 4 @8:52),  2 mi, and 13 mi
Here's what I did.

Monday: I ran 4.04 miles with the mom group. 

Tuesday: I ran 3.22 mi in the neighborhood

Wednesday: I forced myself to take a rest day since I ran 6 days in a row.

Thursday: I ran 3.09 mi

Friday:  I ran 3.41 miles

Saturday: I ran 7.52 miles. This was my long run. I was hoping for 10 and I wanted to do it at a 9 minute pace since I haven't done anything long at a 9 minute pace but everything was horrible and I didn't get to leave for my run until 8:30 and it was entirely too hot. I really struggled the last 2 miles. I ran 8:54 pace.  I ran 3.4 without Ella and the rest with Ella. 

Sunday:  I took a rest day. I did go on a walk.

Total Running Mileage: 21.28
Total other things: 7 push-up activities, walks

Summary: I know I went on a few walks but forget how many and Poly is on my arms so I can't easily figure it out. I'm surprised my mileage was still over 20 since I felt like all my runs were short. I can tell I'm getting stronger with push-ups. I did practice for my 7 day challenge I made up so I had to do each day's worth just to see if I could handle what I made up. I am not liking how hot it gets or how nobody seems to run early enough or how Dave has to be driven to work and then I can't start earlier to get bonus miles in first. 

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