Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I tried to let Dave sleep in but Ella cuddled up with him and kept giving him kisses.

Ella tried on her new dress and did a little spin to show it off. It's too big. She doesn't wear a 2T dress yet. So then we put on an older dress. She liked it.

I left with Ella to go pick up some used shoes I bought for her.  Then we went to Payless and then to Panera. We were gone over an hour. Ella got some new shoes. We gave Dave quite a break to try to have him get healthy. I got to measure Ella's feet and her feet are bigger than I thought. They actually measure size 6 which is shocking.  I got her sandals that are a 6.5. She also picked out these super cute white dress shoes so we got those.  The other shoes I bought that are used are size 7 so she has a little bit until she fits into them.

Ella liked to lick the cream cheese off the bagel but had some issues actually chewing the bagel.

Ella didn't seem to want to nap so we decided to go to some open houses. Well less than 2 minutes before we get to the first one, Ella falls asleep in the car. We decide to go in and she sleeps on my shoulder for 2 minutes until the realtor starts talking to us so loud.  Ella wanted to use the potty there but then she was too afraid to go. We decided to head home after instead of going to more.  

But then we got home and Ella would not nap.   Dave and I both wanted to nap when she napped so of course she didn't nap.

She was playing at one point and then I heard splashing. I wasn't sure how. Well I forgot her tub was still in the shower.  She was in it in her clothes!  I ended up putting warm water in the tub and giving her an actual bath.

Ella discovered blowing on my belly and loved it. It tickled me so much and she mainly loved how I just kept laughing.  After a bit, I tried to take pictures of it. Dave got some video too.

Ella ended up not napping at all besides those couple minutes in the car and on my shoulder.  She fell asleep on me and I put her in her toddler bed at 8:40.  But at 10 she woke up scared. I went in and nursed her a little then put her in her crib. I fell asleep shortly after even though we were only a small fraction of the way through our movie. I fall asleep every single movie.

I talked Dave into getting timehop then he did this.


  1. Aww her dresses are so cute. I couldnt' get the videos to play. I love that Dave got Timehop. That app is the best.

    1. Hmm. I can't get them to play either on my phone. I will look into it later and hopefully update with working ones.