Saturday, August 1, 2015


Ella woke up at 1 AM and hadn't peed by the time I got in there. Yay! She might have just woken up because she wanted to eat though. She went on the potty shortly after that.   She woke up at 6:20 and nursed then she went on the potty after. Yay again.

Ella decided she likes to wear my shoes. She put on my flip flops and tried to walk around but the shoes kept flopping off. Then I gave her some other shoes that stayed on better.

At 10:40 she started being a punk. She said she didn't want to go to the bathroom. Then a few minutes later, she climbed up on her rocking chair and started to pee. I got her to the potty and she didn't finish. Minutes later she was on the couch and peed so much. It even went onto 2 cushions.  No fun.  Then a half hour later I put sheets on the toddler bed and no less than 2 minutes later she peed on that too.

Dave says I broke Ella.

We decided to go out to lunch. Ella fell asleep not even 2 minutes from there. Dave woke her up and she fell asleep on his shoulder. She slept on him through the entire line. Then she woke up and we ate.   When we were out Ella signed to go potty but then was too scared to use a public restroom.

We got home and Ella napped near 1:45. She slept almost 3.5 hours and woke up and had her first accident while sleeping. I think she may have sat up and peed based on the play by play I can see from the video camera taking 1 picture a minute.

We went out to dinner. Ella signed again but wouldn't use a restroom. Then I sat her on the potty in the car. She actually peed!!!!   We went to Safeway so we didn't get home until after 8:30.   She then went on the potty 3 times at home. She signed first twice. And she actually pooped on the potty!!!! This is her first time since potty training. She pooped a lot on the potty before so it's been rough on me.    She didn't fall asleep until 10.

I almost went to go refill our 5 gallon water jugs but then Dave said we'd start the movie too late so he didn't want me to go. (I should have gone anyway. He wouldn't leave the house Sunday so we went without water again.)  We watched John Wick.

 Ella was in charge of our list.

Just so you know she only grabbed stuff that was in the wrong location. Then she put it on the floor. After she grabbed something in the wrong spot I wanted to see if she would take things that were in the right spot so that's why she got a couple things.  She never did take anything that was appropriately placed. She also tried to put some stuff back.

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