Friday, September 11, 2015


She wanted to run!
Ella woke up at 6:30.

We drove Dave to work at 8:30. I headed to Sunnyvale to go to breakfast (special treat) and then to go to Target. I was sore from my race so had to miss my Monday run. I didn't want Ella to go nuts without a run so I was going to do something. I was almost at breakfast. It was within sight but I was waiting at a light. Dave called to say he brought the wrong laptop to work. I had to go home to find it.

I thought I'd leave Ella in the car and run in. I looked everywhere quickly and couldn't find it. I went outside and Ella was so mad she threw things out of the car and she peed.
We both went inside to look and I found it under the couch.

We drop it off and then go to a different cafe. Ella was so good. She ate almost all the eggs and some pancakes too. I had ordered the 2 pancake 2 egg breakfast. Ella loved someone that came in while we were eating. Then they ended up being sat right across from us. Ella kept clapping at her.

We went home. We did a hangout with my mom after a bit.  Ella even ate while on the hangout. Ella made a huge mess with the little bit of eclair that Dave had saved for her.

Then it was naptime.

I used my computer and ate while she napped.

After nap it was misery. Ella ate. She made a mess again.  I was going to cook but she would not let me put her down. It was the worst.   I left to get Dave before he was ready but to be fair he did say he would be done "soon" about a half hour before I left. He wasn't ready when we got there. Then after a bit we went in and Ella got to see some of Dave's coworkers. She was shy.  She signed to use the potty so we rushed out of there. She sat on her potty for what felt like 10 minutes but then she peed.

We got McD's on the way home. On the way home, my stomach started to hurt. I just started to feel like crap. Then walking in carrying tons of stuff plus Ella, I felt like I was going to pass out. That was not good. Also Ella flipped out I put her down. Then she head banged the floor.  I ate my McD's but still felt like crap. I got Ella in her crib. She was so mad to not be nursing.

Then I used my computer until I decided to veg out and watch Netflix.

She wanted to run again


  1. That's sweet she enjoys your runs so much. She really is your little cheerleader.

    1. She is. some days she complains while on the run though. You'd think she'd be a perfect angel with how much she wants to go.