Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 6 of Half Marathon Training

Week 6 = September 7 - 13
My plantar fasciitis started to flare up. I kept doing things but then Saturday just couldn't finish with the run. It got pretty bad and I said I had to take some rest days. 
So according to plans I could
  • lift twice, 4 mi, 2 mi, 4 mi, and 5k race
  • lift twice, 4 mi, 3 mi, 3 mi pace, 40 min tempo, and 10 k race
  • 3 mi, 3 mi, 4 mi, and 5k race
  • 3 mi, 6 mi, 2 mi, 10 mi 
Here's what I did.

Monday: I ran with the mom group and we did 4.1 miles at 10:49 pace. I did squats.

Tuesday: I did lots of walking. (I marked this on my calendar but can't remember what it was.) I did squats.

Wednesday: I did squats and was at the pool with Ella for a few hours.

Thursday: I ran 2.88 miles at a 9:48 pace. It was really hot and I was running alone. I did a game where each split had to beat the previous one. I got a lot faster by the end.  I did squats.

Friday:  I ran 2.71 miles. It was going to be longer but I walked home. My plantar fasciitis got pretty bad.  I did cize - Fall Out during nap time. I did squats.

Saturday: I ran 4.27 miles at a 9:14 pace. My plantar fasciitis was so bad we had to cut it short. The amount of burning when I went on a slight uphill was pretty bad.  I got home and iced. And new I needed some rest days.  This was supposed to be our 9 mile run. :(  I did squats.

Sunday:  Rest Day.  I did squats.

Total Running Mileage: 13.96 miles (not bad for cutting runs short because of my plantar fasciitis) 
Total other things: 1 walk, 1 T25 DVD, squats

Summary: My pace was pretty good this week but my runs were short.

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