Saturday, October 31, 2015


Ella woke up before 4. I wasn't having any parts of that! I nursed her a little bit and put her back in the crib awake. She fell asleep after just a couple minutes. YAY! Then she slept all the way until 6:20. I didn't have a solid sleep myself but 6:20 is much better than 4 or even better than what she has been doing (4:20, 4:30, and 5).

We did the same ol'.   Then she went for a nap a little after 9 AM. Crazy to nap at that hour.  I almost ran with Beth but didn't because of my back.  She slept an hour and a half.

Ella was so pleasant that I went to Trader Joe's.  I never know what all to get there besides the couple things that I specifically go for.  We got home and she was still pleasant. Then all of a sudden she was awful.  We tried to eat lunch and she was not having any of that. I even got out her favorites and she still had issues. It was a struggle to finish my lunch while dealing with her.

I tried to nurse or see if she'd nap. Nothing.  Then I finally decided to head to the park for our meetup. I did think of skipping.  It started at 2 and we got there right then. Ella had fun there. She is rougher with other babies than some babies are. None of the kids are phased but some parents start to freak out about it. (Ella isn't that bad. The description might seem bad. She might pull on a shoulder or grab a shirt or go in for a hug.)

We left at 3:02. I hadn't been watching the clock and said I'd leave at 3 and then Ella started getting cranky so I said we were leaving. I didn't try to make her less fussy and we just left. I looked at my phone as we were leaving and it was 3:02. I guess 3 was her limit too!   She fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep in her stroller almost 2 hours! I finally got to go through my phone pictures and delete crappy ones so then I could pick pictures for my groovebook. Usually deleting crappy pictures is a couple minutes here or there but I got a month behind and that month included A LOT of pictures while traveling so it took almost the entire 2 hours!

We had fajitas for dinner. Ella was super fussy again.

Ella had issues going to sleep. Finally we realized she was teething. I sort of thought but didn't know how bad it was.  We finally gave her Tylenol around 9 PM. I try to use it as a last resort.  We were hanging out on our bed.  Ella started rolling around like crazy. She was having fun. You could tell it was starting to work.  She wouldn't let go of the syringe or the bottle of Tylenol though.   She finally fell asleep around 10. That is way past her bedtime. She used to go to sleep near 7:30 but lately with the clock change and with traveling she was going to sleep even earlier!

Dave and I watched 1 episode of TV and snacked and then went right to sleep.


  1. Can't believe this was a year ago!

    1. I have a ton from last Novembwr not posted (and some of those written) so I need to get them in before the exact 1 year make