Friday, October 30, 2015

2nd Gymnastics Class (10.7.15)

Ella went to her 2nd gymnastics class. It was much different. The first obstacle course involved a lot of jumping from one thing to the next or jumping in and out. This is hard for someone who can't jump! Most of the class can't jump.

The second course had a lot of different stuff that sort of teaches cartwheels and forward rolls and hand stands. But again if you can't jump, it just doesn't work out so well.

When we got to the bars, then Ella could do what the instructor suggested and she did much better. She did have trouble actually letting go of the bar though.

I just love seeing how happy she gets. She's not happy some of the times when she can't jump but she's improving. I wish I could photograph it or video it better. It's too hard when I'm up so close.  I just try the best I can because I love showing her the videos and pictures and plan to keep showing her.

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  1. She's a little gymnast in the making! Go Ella!