Friday, October 2, 2015


Ella and I ran in the morning after dropping Dave off at work. We did a google hangout with my mom. We went shopping for Dave's birthday present and some other things. I didn't get to finish what I wanted to do out though.  Ella was too cranky so we didn't eat at a restaurant or drive thru and we ate at home.   Then Ella did not nap for awhile. She was tired but failed to be ready for sleep. She was the stalling queen with saying she had to go potty. She went a decent number of times too. She didn't fall asleep until 2:43.  She napped 4 hours!  I cooked near the end of her nap. Then she woke up so I had to hurry and finish cooking.

I picked Dave up as soon as I was done cooking.   Ella's nap was so late that she didn't fall asleep at night until 10:30 even though we started bedtime routine by 8:45. She was eating dinner at 8:30 so it wasn't that much of a stretch to start the routine so late.

uh oh

I gave Ella my wallet or she took it. And then she opened it up and got everything out.

During nap, I took some pictures outside to try to use pictures of me for my upcoming squat challenges. (The animation is from pictures in the middle but the one with 3 pictures of me had me actually standing off to the sides and then I moved that in. I didn't want shadows being off so I took the pics of me in the location they would be in the end.  Taking them off to the left was rough because the remote didn't work from that angle so I had to click the button and then jump over and down into a squat within 2 seconds. I didn't make it a lot.)
I also took some other workout pictures but then never used them for anything.

After dinner, I made a delicious wrap of just chicken and cucumber. It was so good but didn't stay together that well.

We gave Dave his birthday present early.

Ella liked giving him the present and watching him open it.

Before nap was Ella's last time ever nursing. Before nap we had so much difficulty with the napping, I asked her if she wanted to nurse more or do something else and she went and got her iPad so then I let her play with it. She wanted to nurse again a few minutes later but I did not let her. She regretted her decision. Then we were done! (The next few days were rough rough rough but after those couple days it was the best thing ever.)


  1. Did I read that right? You're completely done nursing?! Wow congrats!

    1. Yes. I meant to have a post on nursing and of course never did. I didn't even write about being done initially. I just had to add that text when I added the pictures.