Sunday, October 4, 2015


Ella woke up at 7 but my volume on my phone was down so I never heard her. I woke up on my own at 7:18 and then checked the app and saw she was awake and noisy and I hadn't noticed.

We took Dave to work and went running at 9 with the mom group. I forgot my Garmin but used MapMyRun.  Ella played on the playground before and after the run.

After we got home, we ate lunch. Ella didn't seem to want whatever I gave her so I made a shakeology for us to share.

Ella didn't nap until after 1 but we hung out in her room after lunch and before nap. She really wanted to nurse but I didn't give in. Ella was only awake in her crib 4 minutes and she didn't even cry. That was good.

She napped 3 hours. During the nap I planned my squat challenge and recorded all the videos for the 14 day challenge. I wanted to blog but didn't get to that. I can't believe how long planning took. I was coming up with what kinds of squats to do and then trying to figure out the proper names and everything.

After nap, Ella said she had to use the potty. She kept sitting and not going. I'd ask her if she was done and she'd shake her head no. Then eventually she went.  She had a small snack then we went to pick Dave up.

We made Ramen for dinner. Ella liked it.  She also had yogurt and a few other things.  She got her second shower of the day after dinner.  She hung out with Dave for a bit. Then it was bedtime.  I hung out with her for awhile.  She didn't even cry in the crib but she was awake about a half hour in her crib.

Ella only had one accident all day. It was pretty good. She did sit on the potty a long time twice before actually going.

my black eye from Ella

another eye picture
Let me just say the eye hurts a lot worse than it looks.

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  1. Still can't believe she's weaned- what a milestone! I'd love a post from you about it and how you felt/feel.