Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Ella woke up about an hour earlier than normal. That sucked for me. Poly woke me up at 5 scratching a box too. That was all annoying.

Ella wanted to eat cereal right away so she did.

I drove Dave to work.

We went to a pool party a little after 9:30.  We were there almost the entire 2 hours. Ella loves the water. She's more and more comfortable. It's a little bit worse for me because I have to pay extra attention. When we get out of the pool for something she's ready to just dart and run right into the pool.

We got home and ate lunch and hung out a bit. She had to get a shower immediately after lunch. Thawed berries are quite messy.

While at the pool, Ella signed to go potty and then used her travel potty. While in the shower she signed to go potty and I put her on her potty and she went.  Those were big wins in my book because both times were so easy to not get to a potty and to just pee.

We spent some time winding down and then it took Ella forever to fall asleep.   She fell asleep near 2 and slept slightly over 2 hours.   We hung out and snacked. Then we got ready to go to Beth's. On the way Ella kept whining and singing to go potty. I asked her to hold it until we arrived. I was shocked she did because of the bad traffic. But then she didn't go when we first arrived.  We went swimming again! Ella had so much fun watching Gio. He can swim and he loves diving for things.  After the pool, we were changing clothes and Ella and Gio were changing. Gio was playing with his tools and he swung his hammer and he cut Ella's face with it. It was right on her eye brow bone. Lots of crying was involved. Ella cried. Gio cried.  I kept wiping the blood and I iced it a bit. Snacks helped calm both kids and Ella seems fine now. (2 months later Ella still has a mark above her eye brown from this.)

We picked Dave up on the way home then went to In N Out. The line was insanely long. Ella started really whining before we got home. Well she had peed. Then she was just in freak out mode for a long time until we took her out back and she played a bit. She played in just her gutchies. She even stuck her head in her water table. She drank gross water from it, too.

We started bedtime routine a little after 8 and that took awhile. She didn't want to go in her crib.  She only fell asleep around 9:30.

The only accidents today were in her pull-ups and once in the car.
my eye!

Ella wearing my dress

 I'm surprised she can walk in it.

 Little bugger. Climbing around instead of using the potty.

 The mark on Ella's eyebrow from the toy hammer.


  1. I love her in your dress. She's getting so big. Poor Ella getting her eyebrow hurt.

    1. She still has a mark from it. I wonder how long it will last. Her friend mentions it often and how you don't hit with hammers or you get owies.