Friday, October 30, 2015


Ella woke up near 7:30. Then we went running at 8:30 with Robin.   At 9:30 Marie came over to lift weights. I was rushing doing some stuff so probably only lifted for about 15 minutes of that hour. Clara managed to lose her shoe while she was here. They were headed right to her 18 month doctor visit so I let them borrow some of Ella's.   (I found the shoe later in the covers on the bed. I just didn't think to look there.)

There was a container of grapes on the table. I turned around and then it was on the floor and Ella was picking up all the grapes. I didn't say anything and then she put the container back on the table.

I spent so much time trying to clean up and prepping for a stampin' up party. At first Ella was good but then she didn't want me to be cleaning. It was rough.

Ella fights napping all the time so she had a late nap.  I was able to clean a lot and finish prepping during her nap.

After nap we opened some packages. My parents ordered Ella some presents so she had fun opening them. She was using them right away. She was able to figure out a sit n spin without showing her anything.  She would carrying it around and then use it again.

I made a bunch of frozen food for dinner. Quick and easy.

My stampin' up class was supposed to start at 6:30 but the person was a no show. I kind of felt like she would be but I had to be ready just in case.

Ella was up entirely too late again. She stalls. Then she stays awake for a long time in her crib just falling asleep.   Dave and I watched some TV then we went to bed.

It's so funny how writing this just 1 day later it seems like it was all fun and games but I distinctly remember lots of parts of it being pretty awful and being so tired and frustrated with Ella.

If I would have seen this picture, I would have noticed the shoe not on her foot!


  1. Can't believe all that work and the person didn't show. I'd be so mad.

    1. I somehow suspected because she never got back to me with a follow-up question but I had to be ready in case. It's not as bad if you have 5 people coming and only 4 show because you still have it for everyone else.