Saturday, October 10, 2015

8.2 Date

 Ella put on my sports bra.
But I guess one bra wasn't enough so she put on 2!
Then she tried to put on my shorts. They kept falling down.
I helped her put on her shorts!

Just a little later she really wanted her swim suit on. She got it on and still wasn't swimming so she tried to put on her 2nd suit. She still wasn't swimming! She was not happy about this.

Then she tried to give me my dress I wear as a cover up.
Now for a surprise!  Dave and I went out on a date. We went to a movie. Gio watched Ella. She fed Ella. I warned her Ella is messy so she put down a blanket. Well Ella was the neatest eater! She even neatly ate rice.
After we went to the movie, Gio told us to go to lunch. I clarified if she was sure about a million times. So then we went to lunch!

Gio said Ella was really good. Ella ate a lot that Lily was done eating and Ella was still going. Ella likes to eat at Gio's because she has different foods than we have and she gets to try new things.
We went to outback. I was still in the mood to go since we never made it because of the flat tire.
Ella napped at Gio's. She went down in a pack n play and slept great. We were home but of course wouldn't wake Ella. I got to do things at home and be noisy about it since Ella wasn't there. Gio dropped her off when she woke up. She napped 2.5 hours there.  It was crazy.  Ella came home in clothes that were Lily's. I packed spare clothes but she wore Lily's.

We were refreshed and had fun with Ella. Too bad we barely ever go out without Ella. (This was the 3nd time ever but the 2nd time she was napping the entire time we were gone)


  1. It's always nice to get a date, but even better when your kid is so good for the babysitter.

    1. yup. Sometimes you can't enjoy yourself because you know whoever is watching Ella is having an awful time. Well that's the idea in theory. Ella has been good for everyone but Dave but also leaving her only half a dozen times or less makes it so there aren't a lot of data points.