Friday, October 2, 2015

August 2105 Exercise

(I never wrote or posted this but I want it so I can look back on it later so it is a late.)

I had an amazing month. I ran so many days. I can't even believe I ran 24 different times.

I ran 70.38 miles in August! (As a reminder my goal is 38 miles each month with a reach goal of 42 miles.)

I did a 2 week squat challenge at the beginning of the month.  I also did a week long plank challenge.  I randomly did push-ups. I'm working on increasing my decline push-ups but I should have done more.

I did T25 once. I got Cize and started doing that. (You can order through me.)  Cize is a dance workout. If you know me you would never expect me to say I was dancing. I never dance. Well I decided to go for it. It's so much fun. They break down the moves. I still have a lot of trouble the first time or so through a song, but it's such a good workout. You are concerned with moves and paying attention that you forget how you are working out. Then you are all sweaty and burned a ton of calories. I can do it during nap so that's great too.  I think I did cize 5 times through the month, but that's great considering how much I ran.
Here's my August calendar where I try to write everything I do. Sometimes I forget but for the most part it's all on here.

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