Thursday, November 5, 2015


Ella woke up at 4:45. I got her back to sleep but then I couldn't fall back to sleep. She was back asleep by 5 but I took until about 6:45 to fall back to sleep.  Ella slept until 8 though. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't fall asleep and kept just thinking I should have gotten up.  I could have started making a photo book or doing blog posts and so I kept getting mad the longer I went without falling asleep. Then when I finally went to sleep I had a bad dream. This dream involved peanut butter cake with chocolate icing and while I was trying to find the biggest piece all got claimed and I got none. Man I hated that.

Ella and I ran at 9.  Ella didn't nap at all on the run.  She seemed cranky at the end so I ran the last .7 at an 8:55 pace to get home quick. I thought she was cranky and about to fall asleep. She was protesting because she wanted food but usually she'll protest for a little then fall asleep. I knew if she fell asleep then she'd just wake up minutes later when we got in the house.  She did eat when she got back but didn't go to sleep for well over an hour.  She slept for over 2 and a half hours.

We were going to go get her second flu shot but when she kept crying on me after she woke up, I knew a shot wouldn't go well.   We did a lot of playing. I got some stuff done.

Dave came home and we ate dinner. She was so tired she was cranky. She only had 1 nap so it's understandable.  She went to sleep near 7:30. I guess dinner and everything just ended up late. I felt like she went to sleep early but she didn't.

Dave and I watched Graceland. I wanted to watch more. Those cliffhangers are crazy. But he got some new video game (Assassin's Creed I think) so we stopped watching.

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