Thursday, November 5, 2015


Most of it was the same old stuff.  I did shower and go get lunch while Ella had her nap. Ella didn't stay asleep long. After we were eating, I asked Dave if he had his baby monitor on. He said no he turned it off when I got home. So I turned mine on and saw that she was awake. Oops. She wasn't screaming so that was good.  Sometimes I like how sound doesn't travel through this house but other times I hate it. If I don't have an app on, I won't hear Ella at all.

We hadn't left the house so finally I convince Dave to leave. We head to Matt's for his apartment-warming party. I'm not sure if we were going to go. Dave wouldn't RSVP to the thing. I kind of like to get out of the house so wanted to go the entire time.  There were 3 people I knew and 4 that I didn't know besides the 3 of us. 

Ella was a trooper and we stayed out until almost 8. She was up past her bedtime.

After Ella was asleep I finally went through the pics on my phone for the groovebook but then I couldn't get any pictures to show up. I was mad.  We ended up staying up until past midnight. I don't know where the time flew.  I need to rethink how I blog because what I do is so time consuming.  Things seem to change and make my life more difficult. Pictures take longer than they used to. Now collages and the outfits are taking longer than they used to. I can't even load pictures on my calendar site that displays my outfits so that's so behind. I am so mad about all this.

(I wrote this almost a year ago and still feel like I need a new way to blog.)

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