Thursday, November 19, 2015


Ella woke up a few times in the night. She still had a fever even with medicine.  Once it was morning, I logged into the my health online and saw there was an 11:20 appointment. Dave said not to take that and to call because there might be other ones available. I called and ended up with that 11:20 appointment.  Even with medicine at home Ella had a 101 fever.  Yet we get to the doctors a few hours later and they take Ella's temperature in her ear and it was 98.2! I can't even believe it.
The doctor checked her out. She had fluid in both ears and 1 ear was also red.
We got medicine and also could continue with Tylenol for pain.  This was Ella's first doctor visit for being sick!

I picked Dave up after the doctors.  He worked from home. But then Ella could see him and be happier. We let Dave work and she kept an eye on him. Sometimes I'd hold her and she'd also touch Dave. She liked to be with both of us.

Poor Ella HATED that medicine.  She immediately threw up her first dose of the antibiotics.  It was so sad. Just thinking about it to write this makes me all sad again.

We tried all the tricks to get her to take it. It just wasn't good. She lost all faith in anything we'd give her too. She thought we were tricking her with everything so she wouldn't take it.

Dealing with a sick kid is rough. This was way worse than the cold. She cried a lot. I felt so bad for her.

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