Saturday, November 21, 2015


Ella shocked me and slept until 6:30. So basically she slept 14 hours. She only didn't because we had to wake her up to give her her medicine.

We went for our run at 9. She was so tired but fought it and only fell asleep near the end. We walked a bit because of that. She even stayed asleep when we stopped at the play ground.

Ella was pleasant for awhile and wasn't a lot. She fought her nap.   I think she finally got content about 5 minutes before I decided to go pick Dave up. I offered to pick him up so that he'd get to see Ella sooner. I pick him up and he chills in the backseat with her and she loves it.

She went to dinner and I finally got to do some things on my computer. I typed my monthly post 4 days late. Time flew. I think I spent 4 times doing random little things and felt like I got nothing done.

(Offering to pick Dave up was a slippery slope. Then I picked him up all the time. He wanted it. Then I dropped him off and picked him up.  It's all quite annoying to be driving him around all the time.)

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