Saturday, November 21, 2015


Ella woke up once in the night and then slept until 6:30.  Instead of running at 9, we went to Target. We took Dave to work first so I was already in the car.  She needed some snacks and I wanted a few other things.
We got home and Ella napped. She wanted to eat at the same time so she did that for awhile and then slept on me for awhile. Then I finally got her to the crib. She woke up in transport but then seemed to go to sleep.  But she only slept 10 min or so in the crib.
We ate, I gave her a bath, then we went to visit her buddy Gio. She was way cranky and crying all the time. I didn't think she'd be tired but as time went on I did. I mean she did just wake up.  She fell asleep on the way home and I stayed in the car with her for an hour while she slept.  Then we picked up Dave.

I made quesadillas and we all ate. Then Ella went to sleep.  I watched TV with Dave.

Ella seems more tired lately since her ear infection.  She got a lot better at taking her medicine but Dave also has it down to a science and gets the dosage in only 3 shoots with the syringe in her mouth.

 pictures out of order!

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