Saturday, November 21, 2015


Ella woke up at 4:45 AGAIN! Then she was back to sleep by 5:30. I put her in the crib at 5 and she was pretty quiet. I only learned the time she went to sleep from looking at the pictures of her we have the video camera take every minute.   Then at 7:45 I heard her crying. The app didn't work!  I checked the picture data again and she woke up at 7:35!  At least it was only 10 minutes of crying.  At 7:45, Dave woke me up saying how he hit snooze twice and never even realized it. I guess we were tired.

I didn't go run. I didn't drive Dave to work. He took the car.

I wanted to shower and that started a big ordeal. I tried to use the Johnny Jump Up but I guess it was set to slightly the wrong height and Ella was crafty so she started to tip out of it. I ran out of the shower to get her.  Then I put her on the floor and told her to sit there for a minute. I hopped back in the shower and seconds later, I see an Ella flying into the shower. I sat her in the corner and grabbed a bath toy and she liked it. She would get sprayed with water off of me but I at least could sort of finish.

Ella napped near noon for her 1 nap.  We were able to head to the park on time for the meetup. I get there and nobody is there and check and I guess because of the holiday only 3 people total would be going.  Someone else who didn't RSVP showed up so that was nice. Then someone else did. Ella and I left near 4. She was tired.   At the part we started on the swings. Then we went to the play structure and she'd climb the steps and then we'd both go down the slide. Then repeat. I wondered if she liked it or not so I got out my phone and had it so I could see her face and she definitely liked it.   Then when others showed up, we were back to the swing.   Ella tried to crawl up the slide and with my help she succeeded. She was so excited by that.

I thought she wanted a nap but then stayed asleep. We woke her up to give her her medicine around 8 and I attempted to nurse. That lasted 3 min and she seemed so tired so I put her back in her crib.

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