Sunday, November 29, 2015


The baby monitor app didn't work and Dave heard her and woke me up. I checked our pictures we take every minute and she was up for 23 minutes. Dave heard her at 7:30. His alarm goes off at 7:20 but I guess he just immediately hit snooze.  I never even heard his alarm.

We hung out a bit. We read some books.   Ella and I went running near 9.

Then I tried to be productive. I failed.  Ella gets into everything.   Ella did enjoy eating oatmeal with her hands. That saved me from having to spoon feed her.

Around 12:30 Marie came over and watched Ella while I got some stuff done. Marie read to them both. I could tell Ella was almost ready for a nap minutes before they arrived. But Ella played and listened for a good 45 minutes.  I got so much done. Then Ella napped and I ate lunch. I put together some stamp sets and had the TV on.  I was too afraid to make cookies because clanging wakes her up.

After her nap we played and snacked and normal stuff. We did a 30 min hangout with my mom.

Ella started to seem content but not happy. Like she was just killing time until Dave got home.  He got home and she was so happy. He ate dinner then we put her to bed. But that clearly did not work.

I need to figure something out because she didn't end up going to sleep until 10:45 and lots of crying happened.   I went to sleep very shortly after she did. I crawled into bed almost right away.  Dave fell asleep before she even did. I didn't shower. I didn't play with my new computer. I didn't make the cookies. I didn't finish cleaning up.   After Marie was here I felt less overwhelmed but by the end of the night since I had no evening, I was ready to die again.

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