Sunday, November 1, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:30 but kept tryign to go back to sleep. She'd hit her music maker (what we call an ipod) so it was triggering the baby monitor nonstop. That was not cool. Finally  after a few backs to sleep she woke up at 7:30 for good. Or at least that's when I got her.

I did Cize in the morning. She had a little fun but then was hungry again so I put her in her high chair and did the rest. I only got through 2 minutes of the ab segment at the end before she had to go potty. I decided not to even finish it after that.

We had fun hanging out and eating and playing and reading. But also sometimes she was a little whiny and I could not figure out why so that was annoying.

Her new "game" was to close doors then go to others ones and close those.

She's talking more and more lately.  It's a bit hard to understand. She found some garbage on the floor and picks it up saying "trash trash trash" as she runs to the trash can.  She says "go go go" now quite a bit after I read that to her in a book.  "Purple ball" and "got it" are two other phrases she is saying together too.

She finally went to sleep around 2:10.

That's all I initially wrote. Looking at pictures it seems she napped long since my next picture was at 6:58. I just checked and she woke up at 6:25. A nice long nap!

The evening seems like it was like always and she finally fell asleep at 10:10.

drinking milk from a measuring cup

I turn around and find her on the table



  1. It looks like she's taking a shot when she's drinking from the measuring cup lol.

    1. The measuring cup is a good mini cup. Bigger cups with little milk in them require her to tilt her head too much. They didn't work so well.