Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Ella and I ran to the park instead of driving. It was 1.5 miles to get there.  When I left the house 4 people were signed up to run. When I got there 2 had cancelled and 1 was late. She showed up 25 minutes later!  At least I let Ella play at the playground while we waited.  We ran less than normal and then played at the playground more.  At the playground, Ella signed to go potty then actually went on her travel potty. I was happy about this. Last time she was at the park and had to go, she peed her pants and then let me know by bringing me her spare panties.  On the way home, I was running by Gio's and heard people in her backyard. So then I asked if I could crash that.  Gio had a posted meetup on the mom group but I hadn't signed up because of the run.

We were there for about an hour. Ella had fun playing.

She was tired. After we got home, we had lunch, and Ella took a nap. She went down early. I guess her morning was busy.

I should have cleaned during nap but I was too overwhelmed because there was so much to do.  I just watched TV during nap.  I knew I'd regret it and I did.

I ran again. I picked Dave up. We got In N Out for dinner. I ate more than I usually eat. I guess I was starving.

Once Ella was asleep, Dave and I watched Bachelor in Paradise and then After Paradise. I can't believe how good the show is.

I watched about half an episode of Chuck in bed and fell asleep. I can't get over how much I love that show! I just want to watch it all day long. I'm on Season 4. I probably only started it a week ago.

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