Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Ella woke up insanely early and did not go back to sleep. Well she woke up when she used to wake up but now she goes to sleep so much later so it felt worse.  I really wanted her to go back to sleep but she did not.  She was up around 5:45.  We did cuddle on her chair and watch some children's songs on youtube. That kept her still even if she didn't sleep.

We went for a run at 9.   Ella was looking so tired on the run that I didn't add on and just went home after. She didn't go to sleep though. We called my mom on a google hangout after Ella tried "calling" her on her toy phone and then being mad that she wasn't there.  We talked about an hour. Ella ate for a good portion of that.

Around noon Ella went to her crib. I had so much to do but was so tired I decided to just sit on the couch for a minute before being productive.  Next thing I know I woke up 42 minutes later. I guess I really was tired.  I was actually sitting too!

I showered and cleaned. Nothing like last minute. It was down to the wire. I used my computer a tad here and there for little breaks.  I had to wake Ella up from her nap.

We left at 3:20 to go pick up Dave's mom from the airport.  That's around when the flight arrived but I knew it would take time to get to where I'd have to pick her up. I texted asking her to tell me when she arrived but never heard back. Good thing I went anyway because her phone had died.

Ella was tired at first so was very quiet. Then Ella was showing off. She was talking a lot. She learned who "G Mom" was too. Or "G Mom Leigh" and then Ella started to say Leigh. And she'd do it appropriately.

I cooked dinner.  Ella ate so much. She was also so good. It was so so so so so so nice having someone to distract Ella while I was eating. I finished eating before Ella. I never thought I'd see that happen.  Ella did not want to go to sleep.

Ella was so smart all day and just learning new stuff. Too bad she decided she would rather go pee behind the curtains than to use the potty.

 I took some pictures of how well I cleaned. I figured I'd post the evidence of it. It didn't last long.


  1. That's nice she was so good while you had company. I love the clean house pictures!

    1. I should take them more. Sometimes I do take "before" and "after" but I don't share them. They show pretty bad before pictures.

  2. I Really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY! enjoyed being there n SoCal with my family! I'm so happy to have been able to keep Ella busy so you could do some things for yourself, that was my intention after all: to help with Ella, and to get to know her- bond with her, and to get to know you better as well, (I think we accomplished that the one late-afternoon when you came out back and we spoke for 2.5 hours:) I was depresed when I left Philly, but that disappeared when I saw my G-Daw's beautiful little face! To all of you younger ladies: Menopause! NOT for the faint of heart!
    I highly recommend that you just never go through it, Just skip it...k?
    I was embarrased when I cried in the car, I'm glad that Ella slept through that episode...can't help it..It just happens. I loved reading with Ella especially, and learning some of the signs she uses. How many times do you think she signed for me to sing :"The wheels on the bus?". and the pic you sent of her looking out the back doors for me in the back yard (my hang-out spot), after dropping me off at the airport for my trip back to Philly really touched my heart! Still does!
    Love to All! G-Mom Leigh