Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Ella woke up at 6 but then went right back to sleep. Going back to sleep was good! Then she slept until almost 8!  I'm getting spoiled.  Well she stays up later and I'm on my last nerve every day by the end of the day but then I enjoy how she sleeps in a half hour or hour later than she used to.

Marie, Jen, and I went running around the neighborhood at 9. We all had strollers. It was a little odd with 3 of us in strollers hogging the road.  We ran 3 miles!

Then Marie left and I watched Clara for 2 hours. These girls have so much fun together.
Babysitting started with Ella climbing up and getting her iPad.  Ella and Clara stared at it for a few minutes.  I put on music videos on the TV so they'd at least have that and not the iPad. Right away Ella didn't care and ran over to the mac and pointed. She wanted to watch videos of Callie's music.  So I put those on. Clara loved Ella's favorite too.

Ella had issues calming down for nap. I was rocking her and then I was getting so tired. As soon as I put her in her crib I went and took a nap. I fell asleep before her. My phone buzzed at one point waking me up and it was a meeting reminder. I forgot about it. I did nap 20 minutes.

Ella had a very short nap. But this allowed us to make it to a playdate.  We were an hour late. Ella had fun again. There were about 10 toddlers.  Marie even let us stay late so I could get pizza after for dinner and time it roughly with when Dave could be done with work.

Ella loved the picnic table and eating watermelon. Then she liked eating veggie straws right out of the bag.  She did fall off the table once and cried. She scraped her head slightly but just barely. She might have caught herself if she would have been willing to drop the food she had in both hands!

At dinner, Ella didn't want to eat at all. This was the start of getting on my last nerve. I just wanted to eat. I barely ate earlier so I was starving.

Bedtime seemed like it would be early but then the spending time with her before the crib took forever. We left at one point and Ella ate about a dozen cherry tomatoes. I guess she finally got hungry. She also insists she has to go potty and sits there for 40 minutes. She peed right away but kept saying she had to go. I finally got her off of it but she was so mad. It took her about 40 minutes to fall asleep in the crib.   I did so well with her all day but by the end of the day sometimes I just need a little break. Then when she throws food and is all around bad then it makes it worse.


  1. I love all of the play dates you take her to. She is so social!

    1. She is. I think it's good. We do get sick more than some that barely attend play dates.