Saturday, November 21, 2015

Chasing Life

I just finished another series on Netflix. This one was Chasing Life. It only had 2 seasons. I definitely felt like they expected a third season. They sure did and wanted one according to the internet.

IMDB's short bio for the show is
April Carver, whose world has just started to look up, is diagnosed with leukemia. With the support of her family and best friend, she might just be able to fight it.
I started watching the show in January when I was working on photo books. I didn't really like it but thought it was a good show while looking at a computer because you didn't really have to watch.  I probably only watched 5 or 6 episodes. Oh but I was missing the first 2 episodes so that annoyed me. I never start a show in the middle.

Then about a week ago I started the series over.  I really enjoyed seeing the first 2 episodes. It really did help.  Then I kept watching. I was sort of hooked.  I liked the first season a lot better than the second.

Spoilers: I wouldn't recommend watching the show because the ending sucked. Also I was mad they killed off Leo. Sometimes April annoyed me. I think Brenna might be my favorite character. She is strong in the face of everything. She handles everything really well. She suffers a lot and doesn't complain. Then she outbursts in one of the episodes about how she can't complain because April's cancer is worse. I like all that.

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