Friday, November 27, 2015

Ella 23 Month Update

  • Weight: 25 lb 12 oz (43rd percentile for CDC) 
  • Height: 36 inches  (97th percentile) (was slightly shorter standing)
  • Head Circumference: 48 cm (68th percentile)
  • Pullups: 2T/3T
  • Total Teeth: 16 
  • Clothing: 18 month - 2T for dresses but 18 month ones require leggings under them. 12 months - 18 month for shorts, 18 month - 3T for pants.  18 mo - 3 for shirts. She loves to wear dresses.  She wears size 7 or 8 shoes (I think she measures a 7.5 but some 7s still fit and some 8s are still too big. 2T/3T for gutchies
  • Weight/Length percentile: 14% (WHO) or 5% (CDC) 
All measurements were taken a day late

This month, I feel like Ella maybe only napped 3/4 the time.  In the past week she only napped 1 in the past 6 days so maybe she naps less than 3/4. That is messing everything up.  If she naps, she is staying up entirely too late. She seems to fall asleep between 9:30 and 10 but sometimes 11:30. She wakes up about 7. She naps for about 2-3 hours if she naps. Her nap start time ranges from 1:30-3. I was trying to get it to be earlier but that did not work.  If she doesn't nap, she falls asleep in the car coming home from preschool at 5:30 or falls asleep in the car when picking Dave up. She may transfer to the crib and sleep the night or she wakes up a few hours later and really screws everything up.  If she doesn't fall asleep in the car then she's going to sleep closer to 7. 

She no longer drinks milk before going to sleep. Sometimes she will drink later but that's only on days I know she's going to be thirsty.  She drinks milk at other times throughout the day. Some days she barely drinks any and sometimes she will drink 2 cups worth in the span of a half hour. She will go through phases of not eating much and then eating a ton and wanting more.  Now that she talks she requests food a lot. But she only knows she can say a few foods so she requests those a lot.  She eats breakfast, snack on a run, lunch, snack (maybe), and dinner.  She's gotten better at putting her plate up on the table when she's done instead of throwing it. I just have to make sure I have her high chair close enough to the table so she can reach. 
Ella was hiding
Sample Schedule:
She almost has 2 schedules now. Her nap schedule and her no nap schedule. 
She wakes up around 7. She goes to sleep between 9:30 PM and 10:00. We start bedtime routine around 8 daily. She naps pretty close to 2.  She doesn't stall for the potty most of the time. 

If she doesn't nap, she goes to sleep much earlier. Around 7 but sometimes she's fallen asleep in the car near 5:30 and slept the night. 

Ella eats breakfast as soon as she wakes up or waits an hour or 2 before wanting it. She eats snacks during our daily runs but sometimes she only has a bite or 2.  She may snack near 10 but only if she didn't eat much yet.  She eats lunch at 11:30 or so. 

She uses the potty then naps.
 She eats briefly after nap sometimes and then eats when we eat dinner. Most of the time she isn't eating right after nap anymore. I kept trying to delay it so that she will eat more at actual dinner with us.

Bedtime routine has changed slightly again.  We all hang out together in her room.  She goes potty if she has to then we both put her in her crib. We do sing a couple songs before going in the crib. 

She wears pullups at night and during naps just so she will sleep better. She goes through phases of wanting to wear actual undies all the time but then has one accident and then wants a pullup all the time. We mainly have her in pull-ups now just because it's easier when we are out but she is holding it wonderfully. She asks to go but won't go then holds it until her travel potty or until she gets home. I just feel more comfortable knowing she has on a pullup when we are out. She has actually started going potty at other people's houses so that's good. She tends to get there and ask to go but really she just wants to see that they have a bathroom. Then she will ask later if she actually has to go. 

Special Moments:
On October 22, Ella went potty at school on their actual potty!  She had big girl panties to sleep per her request. She also wanted to sleep in her bed but after 50 min she ran out of the room twice so she went into her crib for the night 
On October 23 at 7 AM she peed in her crib when she woke up.  She forgot she was in her big girl panties!
On October 26, she had her first snack while in the tub. She was eating a muffin while in the tub!  She was no nap Ella but was in the crib almost 2 hours awake!
On October 27, she did pretend eating. This is the first I noticed her doing pretend play with food so well.   No Nap Ella!
On October 28, it was day 3 of no nap Ella.  She took something out of the kitchen drawer for the first time. 
On October 31, she undid my running belt buckle. This is a buckle just like strollers and high chairs. I am glad she never tried to do this again. 
On November 1, I turned off Ella's fan. She said "fan," then said "off fan" and then said "Mommy off fan." She was building up how she can say small sentences. 
On November 3, I asked Ella how many toes she had and she said "ten."
On November 4, Ella had a 7 hour nap + and Poly was in there the entire time.  I let Poly out and she actually slept the entire night too (16 hours)
On November 5, Ella said Dean, Logan, and Mary at preschool. She never said names before then did 3. 
On November 9, she said "Lily."
On November 11, she was really good at gymnastics. She unlocked the front door. I saw her so believed she did it. Earlier I thought I locked it but when she opened it, I thought maybe I hadn't locked it. 
On November 16, I told Ella it was bed time so she lied down and closed her eyes to pretend she was sleeping. It was so cute. 
On November 17, she pulled down her pants in her crib saying "butt" and pointing. 
On November 18, she went potty at Gloriana's in the big toilet. 
On November 20, Ella almost fell asleep in her high chair.  She didn't nap. (This was her 5th day of not napping in 6 days.) She was in her crib for nap and pooped. Then she decided to pull down her pants and pull and smear the poop. I think this happened because earlier I was telling someone how on the 19th she pooped in her crib then took off her pullup but then nothing was smashed at all. The person I was telling saying "Oh that's at least better than smearing it" and then Ella went and smeared it.

She got so good at jumping. 
She can unlock the front door and open it. (This is not the development I was hoping for.)
She knows how to get a step stool and push it across the floor so that she can climb up it and steal what she wants off the counter. 
She often talks in 3 word sentences. She's getting so much better at talking. 
She knows a decent number of letters. For some reason A and I are her favorite. 
Taken 11/24/15
Other Tidbits:
She likes all the same things as a few months ago.
She loves to draw. She can now make circles instead of just straight lines.
She likes to do crafts.  She loves to paint and paint her hands so then she has to go wash them. 
She likes to use words and have that result in something.  She's realizing the benefit of words. 
She likes finding trash, saying trash, then going to throw it away. 
Sadly, she likes to take off her pull-up when she's in her crib. 

She doesn't like when you try to alter her actions in any way. She doesn't want to be told what to do or told what not to do. 

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 15 hours 53 minutes  (953 minutes) (This is so long I needed to think about the conversion from minutes to hours)
Time spent sleeping (from November 1-21): 12.9 hours per day 
Nights she did not sleep through the night!: 3  (but going to sleep at 5 PM makes it almost understandable to wake up at some point) 
Doctor visits: 0

Random Things
My app where I documented milestones no longer works and I'm failing at finding a new app that I like or a new way to document it so I'm documenting less. She's getting older so I don't need as much but when I want to document something, I'm mad that it's more difficult.
This is such a fun age most of the time. The last week or two with the lack of napping has made it worse.