Thursday, May 7, 2015


Ella woke up near 7:30. I woke up at 7:35 and looked at the app and she was awake but not even crying yet. I decided to go in.  Then we are nursing and after 4 minutes she stops and throws up all over both of us!

I woke Dave up. I bathed her and then I showered.

She seemed fine and happy but when she falls she's way more likely to cry. She just whines a lot. She wants to spend time with Daddy.

She took an early nap and napped about 3 hours. She woke up at 1:30.   We played a little bit then we headed out.

We went to an open house just for kicks. It was a house for 1.8 million dollars. We wanted to see what it was cracked up to be. It made me want to go to more open houses but Dave said no.

We went to a store and then to Boudin's

then to Whole Foods.  It was 6 by the time we got home. I nursed Ella and she fell asleep but since we weren't sure if it was for the night we put on her sleep sack. That woke her and then she played.

She was in her crib again for 20 minutes just playing and no crying until she fell asleep. She was asleep at 8:10 which is early for her lately but her nap was so early in the day I'm surprised she lasted that long.

Then I worked on my computer for hours. I wanted to watch TV but Dave wants to read but he only reads in the Living Room so then I can't watch TV. It's quite annoying. He could read in bed or the READING ROOM as it's named.  Finally I talked him into TV after he finishes the chapter. It took another 30 minutes!!!! Then we start the show and 15 minutes into it, he makes me stop it because he's falling asleep.

I felt awake so I watched another show. Then I watched a second show. I started a 3rd show but was dozing a few minutes in so stopped in and went to sleep. I played a couple games of solitaire in bed and went to sleep at 1.

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