Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Ella woke up and we woke Dave up. Then we started opening gifts. Ella saw a wagon (unwrapped) and opened 2 gifts. She played with those for awhile and we didn't open any more yet.

Ella and I went for a run near 10 am.

Ella took a brief and early nap. Dave tripped over the baby gate into the kitchen and it was loud and woke her up.

At 1 we started a hangout with family.  It wasn't for presents but just to talk to some relatives before they all left.   We took a few minute break to finish our lunch here then got back on a hangout for presents. Ella played a lot so barely got through any but everyone else opened theirs.   We got off the call and minutes later Dave's dad called to do a hangout.  We talked to him for a bit but Ella was fussy from her short nap so we took a break to nurse and see if she'd go to sleep.   She didn't go to sleep but was fussy.

Ella was teething pretty bad. She was in pain so finally we gave her some Tyelnol.

I decided to take Ella for a short ride. I dropped some cookies off to a friend and then drove about. She fell asleep.   Dave transported her to the crib and she stayed sleeping.

A bit later we did a hangout with Dave's mom.

We woke up Ella only to put on her swaddle sack. I nursed a little since that woke her up but she was back to sleep within 2 minutes.  It was an early night for her.

The place was a huge mess from all the presents.  (As of 3 days later, I have no idea what I did later in the evening after the google hangouts. I know I was exhausted but didn't go to sleep early.)

BTW this was the last day that my camera ever worked with a remote that wasn't the IR remote. It's been a sad time since!


  1. She's so cute. I imagine Christmas this year will be different now that she understands more. It gets more fun the older they get.