Monday, December 21, 2015


I woke up from my alarm at 7:35. Then I looked and Ella was awake on the app but not crying yet.  I had set my alarm so I was up in enough time to go running.   Beth had to cancel since her double jogger wheel is messed up so she didn't have a stroller to use.

We woke Dave up and hung out and played.

Around 10:30 we left to go to google. One of Dave's coworkers had a present for Ella. It was a onesie with a minion on it.   We hung out a little bit and then we went right to Ikea.

Ikea took forever. We started with lunch. Ella was filthy. I didn't have a bib for her and they were out of bibs there.  She also wouldn't eat any food unless it had ketchup on it.   Then we shopped around.  We bought components for a standing desk for me.

Ella fell asleep in the car.   Dave tried to transport her to the crib from the car but that didn't work. So I got her back to sleep.  While she slept we started assembling everything. We didn't finish when she woke up. So then one of us played with her while the other assembled for a bit.  We ordered pizza for dinner and paused assembly to eat.   Then it was back to assembling.  We got it done except the little drawers. (As of 12.21.15 the drawers are still not assembled.)

We bathed Ella and got her ready for bed. Then she was so wide awake and wanted to play I didn't put her in the crib awake. I let her play. I ended up reading to her for a long time. My jaw got so tired.   Then I nursed again and put her in the crib.  She did not have a fun time and took 20 minutes to fall asleep. She didn't fall asleep until 9:37.  This happened hours after I was telling Dave how good Ella has been at going to bed at a decent hour for her lately.