Thursday, May 7, 2015


Ella woke up close to 5.  I actually heard her on the monitor on my phone. It has been a long time since I heard her on it. I've been hearing her through the doors and hallway lately and it's been making me very mad. My phone would go into ipod mode when I plugged it into my alarm clock and then the app sound would never go through. I cannot figure out why. It used to work fine. I feel bad for poor Ella. She'd be crying for awhile before she got loud enough that I heard her.  Then I wondered if she was often waking up at 5 and I just never heard her!

Well I went in and fed her and changed her diaper but realized it really was way earlier than she has been waking up so I told her to go back to sleep and I put her back in her crib. She went to sleep after a couple minutes.   I had to wake her up near 8:30 because I had to make it to my run. This is only the second time I've had to wake her up.

We hung out at home after the run instead of at the park since it was so cold.  Marie and Clara stayed until 11:30 even though it felt like they were only here a couple minutes. My how time flies.  The kids had a blast with the play kitchen.

I thought Ella would nap but she did not. So we played a bit. Near 2 she went to sleep.  She slept in so her nap was late.  She napped over 2 hours. I loved it. I got to do something on my computer I kept not having time for.

After her nap, she refused to drink milk out of the straw cup. I have been trying to wean her and using the after nap nursing session to become a drink from a cup session. I finally gave in after 7 minutes of crying and let her nurse.  A little while later she did drink 1 oz and then 1 oz about an hour after that.  For the previous 3 or 4 days she drank 1.5 oz right after the nap and sometimes 2.5 oz.  Sometimes she drinks 1.5 oz and then I pour an oz whole milk in to the cup. She drinks a little and basically spits it all back out and then won't drink it.  To me 1.5 oz is progress though so it's a start.   I'm also working on her eating and snacking more.  I don't have specific data to say she has been nursing less because she has had a boob nap (or been sleep eating) a few times lately so that skews the numbers.

After the nap, Ella wouldn't play on her own. She wouldn't really play with me either. So I asked my mom to do a hangout. Ella loved it. She gets so excited when she sees my mom's face appear on the screen.

After the hangout, we went and picked Dave up from work.  We got home and he told Ella to play and she did!  I cleaned up a little and we also hung out with Ella.   Then we had dinner. Then she played. Ella was so wound up. She had such a blast. She'd bring books to one of us then the other. She probably got 8 books read in just the last 2 hours she was awake.

She's so cute now just walking into her bedroom to go to sleep by only holding Dave's one hand. And she barely puts pressure on that hand. She just uses it for confidence.

She fell asleep 2 minutes after being in the crib.  Then I got back to doing things on my computer. I did waste some time reading blogs.

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